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We may ask you to provide personally identifiable information when you log in through Facebook Connect. We use the information that we collect soley for verification process. We collect information such as facebook name, email id, url and profile image of the person who is signing in. All other information we have access to are not accessed or discarded.

Kerala Blog Express does not sell or rent its user data, and will not disclose Personal Information to any third parties. However, we reserves the right to disclose any information that is being collected in connection with the Site. In addition, we may place a "cookie" (a small, unique identifier text file) on your system to remember who you are.

We also may include other information in our cookie files; for example, if you arrived at this site via a link from third-party site, we may include the URL of the linking page. You may opt out of the cookies delivered by us by changing the setting on your browser. Please be aware that this will disable all cookies delivered to your browser, not just the ones delivered by us. We may combine all of this information with other information, including personally identifiable information we have collected.