1. What is Kerala Blog Express?

    Kerala Blog Express is an initiative by Kerala Tourism that offers travel bloggers a never before opportunity to take part in a two-week road trip through Kerala.

  2. Who can participate in Kerala Blog Express?

    Travel, lifestyle and food bloggers, photographers and Vloggers can participate in KBE.

  3. Should I be a blogger to participate?

    Yes, you should be an active travel blogger to participate in KBE.

  4. How do I participate in this contest?

    1. Sign up with Facebook and complete the form for initial review
    2. Once approved, your profile will be up for voting. Share your profile with friends and followers
    3. A panel of judges will make the final call for the participants of Kerala Blog Express.
  5. What is the selection process?

    The number of votes you get along with your social media reach will be considered by our judges for the final selection

  6. What are the criteria for selection

    Country of origin, number of votes received, social media reach, quality of the blog and how the blog ranks in search engines will be taken into account. Voting is only one of the criteria. More votes will increase your chance of getting selected.

  7. Can I bring my partner/spouse for this trip?

    No, we do not allow partners to accompany participants for the trip.

  8. What is the duration of the trip?

    It will be a two-week trip which will cover Kerala from South to North.

  9. Can I plan the itinerary?

    You are welcome to suggest places for the trip. We will consider your suggestions while finalizing the itinerary.

  10. How many bloggers will be selected?

    The number of bloggers selected will depend on the number of seats available in the luxury coach.

  11. What are the benefits included in this trip?

    Food, accommodation and travel throughout Kerala will be borne by us.

  12. What are the benefits excluded in this trip?

    Airline tickets*, visa expenses and personal expenses. *Please see the FAQ on airline tickets for the details on reimbursement

  13. Will I get reimbursement for airline tickets?

    70% of the total airfare or 1000 USD, whichever is less, will be reimbursed by us at the end of the road trip.

  14. Will I be provided with an Internet connection?

    Wi-Fi will be provided in most places to share your experiences on the go.

  15. What am I supposed to do during the trip?

    As a travel enthusiast, you need to blog about your experiences during the Kerala Blog Express. It includes stay, activities as well as mentioning brand association etc. Online engagement through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Instagram will be required. More information will be shared during the briefing session before the start of the trip.

  16. What is the type of accommodation provided?

    Your accommodation will be arranged in top category hotels and resorts across Kerala.

  17. What is the mode of transport?

    You will be travelling in a luxury coach.

  18. Do I get Travel Insurance?

    You have to take your own insurance for the trip.

  19. Will I be able to go back mid-way through the trip?

    Although we cannot force you to stay with us, we hope you will be with us till the end of trip.

  20. I had registered last year. Can I do it this year?

    Yes; however previous winners cannot participate.

  21. When is the trip happening?

    The trip is tentatively scheduled to happen from March 20th, 2017

  22. When will the voting end?

    The voting for Kerala Blog Express will end on January 20th, 2017.