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The KBE Story

Every year, 30 chosen bloggers & social media influencers board a luxury bus that takes them on a two-week road trip across God’s Own Country. Organized by the Department of Tourism, Kerala Blog Express provides a handful of international bloggers a unique platform to experience Kerala in full bloom. The itinerary is arduously planned to highlight the myriad experiences and exhaustive range of activities that a small tropical state like Kerala has on offer.

Experiences and Epiphanies

If your idea of a perfect day is strolling the lanes of a strange city, trying out new adventures, making new friends and sampling the lip-smacking local cuisine, then Kerala Blog Express is tailor-made for you. The medium could be anything that suits your comfort; your epiphanies can be jotted down as a blog entry, vivid snapshots can be journaled to your Instagram page or you could capture that what moves you as a vlog. Here are some of the rustic experiences on offer.

Experiences from Season 6

One Day In Kochi, Kerala – Best Things To Do In Kochi

Kochi, which is also known as Cochin, is the biggest city of the Indian state of Kerala and used to be the “Queen of the Arabian Sea” due to its hu...

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Kerala Backwaters: Houseboat stay in Alappuzha (Alleppey)

The backwaters form a series of channels in the Kerala region that permeate everything around them. Ideal for low budget backpackers as well as for...

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Munnar, India | Tea Plantations & Outdoor activities!

I start off this vlog in the backwaters, cycling and kayaking before heading to beautiful Munnar in Kerala, India. Here we camp in the hills before...

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Human by Nature – a fairy tale about Kerala

Human By Nature is actually a fairy tale… A story about how ordinary people lived among waters and fabulous forest, among endless tea plantations a...

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Le esperienze imperdibile durante un viaggio in Kerala

Il Kerala è un posto da vivere, non da vedere. Questa regola vale per qualsiasi posto al mondo, ma per qualche motivo per questo Paese sorprendente...

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Kerala, mi experiencia en el propio país de Dios

Antes de viajar a Kerala poco sabia de ese estado del sur de la India. Ademas como sucedió todo tan rápido no tuve tanto tiempo de investigar ni ta...

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Trekking in Munnar – Everything you need to know

Munnar is a town and hill area and located in the Western Ghats mountain range, which is in the state of Kerala in southwestern India. In Munnar, y...

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World’s Largest Bird Statue at Jadayu Para Earth’s Centre

Jatayu Earth’s Centre, also known as Jatayu Nature Park, Jatayu Rock or Jadayupara, houses the world’s largest bird statue located in Kerala, India...

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